Tax Preparation


Tax Preparation

Attorney Michael A. Lavanga, Esq. has filed over a thousand federal, state, and local tax returns.  He is available for the 2019 tax season to help prepare and file your return.  As an admitted attorney to the United States Tax Court, Mr. Lavanga is not only knowledgeable of current federal and state tax law, but in the unlikely event of an audit or action in United States Tax Court, he can represent you and defend you against the IRS.

The fee for most returns is $199.  This includes the following:

  1. Up to a 30 minute long personal interview to ask questions and optimize deductions on your return.  This interview can be conducted over the phone, in-person, or via email.  

  2. Analyzing your return to determine which deductions you can apply for and optimizing your tax savings.

  3. Preparing and e-filing your federal (1040, 1040A, 1040EZ) 2018 tax return.

  4. Preparing and e-filing one state return.

  5. Preparing and filing one local earned income tax or city wage tax return, if applicable.

  6. Preparing and filing one PA-1000 Property Tax/Rent Rebate return, if applicable.

  7. Emailing or mailing hard copies for your records.

For new clients, please download and complete the following information sheet and return to us with your paperwork.  The answers can be typed or handwritten.  Existing clients do not need to use this information sheet – please just inform us if any information has changed.

The information sheet, as well as your supporting paperwork (W-2s, 1099s, etc.) can be returned to Lavanga Law LLC in any of the following ways.

  1. Scan and email to

  2. Mail to Lavanga Law, 196 W Ashland Street, Doylestown, PA  18901.

  3. Fax to 215-689-3480.

  4. Hand-deliver to our office at 196 W Ashland Street, Doylestown, PA  18901

  5. Download our app for iPhone or Android by clicking this link:

If you wish to schedule an in-person interview in our Doylestown office with Mr. Lavanga, please click here and indicate 3 dates/times that you are available for an appointment.

Your return can have any or all of the following federal schedules and forms and your fee is still just $199!  (This fee schedule applies for 2018 as well as non-filed older returns)

Schedule A (Itemized Deductions)
Schedule B (Interest and Dividends)
Schedule C-EZ (Small Businesses with $5,000 or less in expenses)
Schedule D (Capital Gains and Loses)
Schedule EIC (Earned Income Credit)
Schedule R (Credit for the Elderly of the Disabled)
Form 1095 (Health Coverage)
Form 2106 (Employee Business Expenses)
Form 2441 (Child and Dependent Care Expenses)
Form 3903 (Moving Expenses)
Form 4684 (Casualties and Thefts)
Form 6251 (Alternative Minimum Tax)
Form 8283 (Non Cash Charitable Contributions)
Form 8396 (Mortgage Interest Credit)
Form 8812 (Child Tax Credit)
Form 8332 (Release of Claim to Exemption of Child)
Form 8864 (Educational Credits)
Form 8889 (Health Savings Account)
Form 8908 (Energy Efficient Home Credit)
Form 8910 (Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit)
Form 8917 (Tuition and Fees Deduction)
Form 8936 (Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit)
No additional fees for multiple W-2 or 1099

These situations and forms will require additional fees and will be quoted based on your individual needs on a flat or hourly basis.  Attorney hourly rate for these additional services is $200.00 per hour.  

Amending prior returns
Multiple state returns
Multiple local returns
Bad/Incomplete Bookkeeping 
Schedule C Long Form (Business with more than $5,000 in expenses)
Schedule E (Rental Income)
Schedule F (Farm Income)
Form 114 (Report of Foreign Bank Account)
Form 706 (Trusts)
Form 1065 (Partnerships) 
Form 1120 (Corporations)
Form 2555 (Foreign Earned Income)
Form 4797 (Sale of Business Property)
Form 8824 (Like Kind Exchange)
Form 8829 (Business Use of the Home)
Form 8857 (Innocent Spouse Relief)